Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for dating sites Part 1

Web pages are often filled with free form text, which is easy for humans to read but more difficult for computers to understand. Some web pages have information with greater structure that is easy to read, such as a page date embedded in the URL or title of the page, or machine-readable fields embedded in the HTML code. Google extracts a variety of structured data from web pages. This page describes the structured data types Google extracts that are available for use in Custom Snippets and Structured Search. When you are reading a webpage that sells a DVD, you can quickly figure out what the title is, what reviewers thought of the film, and how they rated it. But a computer cannot do the same things, because it doesn’t understand how the information is structured. For example, if the page has content about the DVD—along with recommendations for other items, ads from other stores, and comments from customers—then the page might have different prices for various things, not just for the DVD that is being sold.

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In my experience, if you want to rank high in Google in then you also need to focus on relevant-quality content and shopping satisfaction. The main goal of this internet is to explain which Meta tags are good to go with and which moz simply dead and have no use. See below: There are a few tags, we branding call them the bad Meta tags and we should simply ignore them. Meta Tags can branding the way that users see your site in the search results and whether or not they actually click through to your site.

John Mueller, I personally moz on the 8 major Meta tags which can branding the internet of your startup business or running website.

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Questions, ideas, problems, wishes? Be informed whenever something new comes up or any important problems are fixed. Google Group. Everyone wants to see the most current content. Why should you want to date it if the server will automatically tell the browser that it’s all ‘brand new’ when serving an active page i. By putting a date on your content you’re admitting that it’s not all sparkling new, but rather has been written some time ago.

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What really changed in SEO over the past decade is how we think about search engine optimization. We no longer want to or can optimize for the sake of optimizing. But that never caught on so I imagine the term SEO is here to stay as well. Their dating algorithm wants to connect us with Mr. Right Brand, Mr.

Some websites update articles (or just date stamps) to make their SEO (the date listed in your SERP meta description won’t inherently impact.

At first glance, writing SEO-friendly titles seems like a simple task. They should include your main keyword and describe the contents of your page. Easy, right? Since they are rarely visibly positioned, they are easy to overlook when building your page. It should encourage the user to click on your page instead of neighboring results published by your competitors. While some creativity is allowed, a solid understanding of what works can give your titles that extra oomph they need.

It is displayed on the search engine result page as the clickable headline for a given result. Both the title and short description appear on the search engines result page, meaning that its role is both to inform crawlers and catch the attention of users. The importance of titles cannot be understated. They give users an at-a-glance impression of the contents of a given search result. It is the first piece of information that helps them decide if your result is worth a click.

However, it is worth noting that various search engines can change this value, for instance, due to an update in how SERPs are shown. Six hundred pixels allows for around sixty characters with spaces, so it is good practice to keep your title tag characters long.

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How did I increase my search engine traffic by But, in order to get it, you have to stop believing in some myths. These SEO myths tend to keep hardworking content marketers and bloggers from improving their search traffic and website rankings.

Download Latitude: Click Longitude: Page Title of quickflirt. Meta Tags of date. Page Resources Breakdown. Homepage Links Analysis. BeCoquin – see more.

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If you are confused by meta descriptions, this guide is for you! Learn how to craft a great SEO meta description and view some inspiring examples. A meta description is a short summary, usually characters or less , that is shown in the search results and gives a searcher an idea of what your page content is about.

One part of our organic SEO services is to write great meta descriptions that improve conversions — as well as title tags since they go hand in hand.

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What is this? You can use the form above to enter the title, description and the URL of your web page and it will generate a Google virtual search result listing based on the input you provided. The main objective of Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool is to provide webmasters and content publishers a way to optimally construct web page titles and meta description that will result in the nest optimized listings in Google’s organic search results.

Using this tool you can optimize the content of your website titles and snippets to maximize your click-through rate CTR in search engines. In other words, the main purpose is to help you increase your organic search engine traffic without improving your rankings. This tactic can be particularly useful within predicaments where you understand you’ll likely in no way outrank the sites earlier mentioned your own house e.

Throughout individuals scenarios, your easiest selection is usually to produce your current site’s checklist stand out from the rest and search because appealing as it can be. This is a short explanation of the different elements that can be found in a typical Google Web Search result. This snippet tool and the content of this website are not affiliated with Google nor endorsed by them. I have made every effort to replicate the appearance of Google’s search results as accurately as possible, however the information on this website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied.

If you check the Add a date checkbox, today’s date will be filled in automatically. If you plan on publishing your web page at a later date, you can still edit the date input field manually.

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