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We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Thunderstorms have dumped much-needed rain on bushfires but may cause other problems. More rain is forecast across parts of eastern Australia over the weekend. Here, a photographer reacts to seeing the burnt-out remains of a relative’s home in Quaama, New South Wales. As of January 17, fires have burnt roughly 10 million hectares 25 million acres of land, an area larger than South Korea or Portugal. More than fires continue to burn in Victoria state and New South Wales. There were 82 fires burning across New South Wales, 30 uncontained, and several fires in Victoria, according to fire authorities.

Why Netflix’s ‘Love on the Spectrum’ is TV’s most honest dating show

Rainfall during July was below average for most of the southern half of Australia, although areas of eastern Victoria and coastal New South Wales had above average rainfall. Daytime temperatures during July were warmer than average for most of the country; the maximum temperature was the seventh-highest on record for July for Australia as a whole. Below average July rainfall has seen rainfall deficiencies increase for the period April—July over the south-western half of Western Australia, and to a lesser extent over the same area for the period since April Low pressure systems off the east coast of Australia brought periods of very heavy rain to the east coast at times during the month, resulting in a reduction of rainfall deficiencies in parts of eastern Victoria and south-east New South Wales at both timescales.

The Most Extreme is a documentary television series on the American cable television network The series airs in Australia on Channel Seven (first run) and on subscription channel But some animals are more extreme than others. 31, 21 September , Monster Myths, The reality behind some of the most feared.

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Australia fires: A visual guide to the bushfire crisis

If you, like most of the internet, marathoned all of Love is Blind during its three-week February event, you’re probably now scouring every streaming service in search of shows like Love is Blind. Fortunately, series creator Chris Coelen seems pretty confident that the show will return for Season 2 and many seasons after that , but considering the original season was filmed a full year and a half before its release, it could be quite a while until that happens.

Here are some alternatives to tide you over.

seasons in many parts of Australia for most extreme variables, particularly high Example of a temperature difference series- Bathurst ARS, minima frequent appearances in the scientific literature in the late s, but it was not until The first temperature observations in Australia date from the arrival of the First Fleet in​.

It strategically resembled the key art of the dating reality shows that have dominated pop culture for nearly 20 years. Did the couples last? Did Akshay get married? Did Aparna find love? These two, along with a handful of other singles and two long-term couples, were chosen from hundreds of applicants, identified through social groups, employment centers and organizations serving Australians with autism. Filming took place over five months and often spanned only a few hours per day.

Crews remained limited to the same three people, who aimed to be invisible but supportive — even if that meant taking multiple breaks during a date or calling it quits on any particular session. That in itself can be quite emotional, so the tension and the drama comes from them feeling comfortable enough to open up to another person or the audience, as opposed by being pressured by producers to create a certain emotion.

Yes, Climate Change Did Influence Australia’s Unprecedented Bushfires

The Australian sharemarket is set to open modestly firmer after US tech stocks led Wall Street higher. Suncorp and Healius headline another busy day of profit results. Scott Morrison will attempt to get the states to agree to a set of nationally consistent principles governing interstate travel at Friday’s national cabinet meeting, which the government has declared a flashpoint for the future of the federation.

But has the search for romance become so desperate that Australia’s single Would you leave ‘happily ever after’ to a reality TV show?

Beautiful imagery aside, these series will remind you of the importance of these places we call home. Selling Sunset. Plenty of drama keeps things interesting on this Netflix reality show, which follows the realtors at The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles. The Big Flower Fight. There are no small bouquets in sight.

Instead, these artists create everything from giant thrones to large animals to scenes from classic fairy tales using gorgeous plants and ingenuity. Instant Hotel. Quirky personalities make for some truly interesting accommodations all around the land Down Under. On season one, the grand prize at stake is a stay at the former Dinah Shore estate in Palm Springs, a midcentury home reportedly owned by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Love It or List It. The type of show you can watch for hours, Love It or List It consists of designer Hilary Farr renovating a home, while David Visentin takes the owners to look at other properties.

Australia bushfires: Heavy rains, floods provide some relief

There are two dozen new and returning reality shows premiering these next two weeks, including Love Island season 2, a Drag Race spin-off, and a dodgeball competition. Chris Harrison is out, temporarily, as host of Bachelorette season 16 and is being replaced by a former Bachelorette. Discovery Channel reality TV show reviews 19 Aug.

Hoarders 19 Aug. Dancing with the Stars 29 18 Aug. The Bachelorette 16 13 Aug.

Voi olla, että on jotain tarjousautoeriä ollut, joita ei voi rekisteröidä muuttuneiden saaste- tms. Jobbari on pimeää kauppaa tekevä yksityishenkilö. Vain rikolliset.

This year Mashable is celebrating the season of love with Horny on Main , an exploration of the many ways that thirsting for sex affects our lives. I used to call reality TV my guilty pleasure, but I don’t pretend that I’m ashamed anymore. I’m a proud defendant of overproduced, alcohol-drenched trash shows. They’re loud, dramatic for no good reason, and rarely follow a cohesive storyline.

Still, they’re so much fun to watch. The most enjoyable part of the show is never the plot, but the sheer desire embedded in each and every episode. That’s the human condition, baby. Yes, there’s drama, and yes, there are infamous windmill shenanigans, but the chaos is limited because everyone is vying for the same love interest. You would think that making two nude strangers survive in the wilderness would be sexy, but any desire is pretty limited when you’re swatting away mosquitoes.

In this clip, two contestants are literally spooning, but they’re too busy fighting the bugs to get it on.

Fires and floods: Australia already seesaws between climate extremes – and there’s more to come

In the intervening weeks they consumed more than 80 percent of the park. The flames were fanned by a rare perfect storm of conditions, including strong winds, prolonged drought and searing temperatures—along with a boost from climate change. Global warming has pushed up the odds of such extreme fire events occurring in southeastern Australia by at least 30 percent—and likely by much more—according to a study submitted to Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences.

It is the most thorough analysis to date of the role of climate change in a particular wildfire event.

A national heat wave pushed high temperatures across the country on Tuesday to an average of degrees. Even more heat is in the.

Hours after Australia set a record for its warmest day across the continent, with even hotter temperatures in the near forecast, Greg Marshall, a garden designer in Adelaide, said he had found birds of different species gathered on the ground Wednesday, under the shade of trees. On Thursday, said Dean Narramore of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the heat will spread even farther across the central and southern parts of the country, like an inkblot blooming and growing on a page.

As the temperatures have risen, so has the threat of fires, which have ravaged large swathes of the country and shrouded Sydney in smoke. Late monsoons in India, an imbalance in sea temperatures in the Indian Ocean and strong winds have hampered rainfall in Australia. The country was already in the grip of a yearslong drought. Narramore said, adding that lightning strikes in bush land could start even more fires.

An isolated girl rescues a man on the verge of death. But then, her dad grabs his gun and steps in.